Be A Force For Good With Common Impact CEO Danielle Holly

Be A Force For Good With Common Impact CEO Danielle Holly

If you want to make a difference and not just make a living, then learn how businesses can be a force for good, and partner with nonprofits to create impact together.

Meet Danielle Holly, CEO of Common Impact, an organization that designs programs with corporations to empower their people in addressing social challenges. Danielle has helped numerous corporations navigate the new era in corporate social responsibility and skills-based volunteering, including global powerhouses like JP Morgan Chase, Charles Schwab, Marriott International, and Fidelity Investments.

Danielle envisions a world where every person is able to bring their values and personal mission to their day jobs, integrate healthy and sustainable personal lives and, as a result, have the drive and energy to make our communities more equitable and vibrant.

In this episode, Danielle shares her perspective on the transformation that can happen when people from different perspectives, disciplines and backgrounds come together to create lasting change. She also reveals how she is personally adapting to a world that is evolving rapidly, and requires new skills and bold perspectives.


[02:16] Danielle’s story
[05:30] Moving between diverse career paths
[06:55] Danielle’s superpower
[09:37] The unique model of Common Impact
[11:22] One of Danielle’s favorite projects
[13:57] Advice on attracting and retaining talent
[16:09] What the ideal partnership looks like
[17:53] Traits of a socially conscious leader
[19:22] Skills emerging leaders need to develop
[24:02] Impact of pandemic on nonprofits
[26:21] Advice to corporate leaders during pandemic
[28:03] Hope for the world post-pandemic
[31:37] What keeps Danielle grounded
[34:01] Danielle’s daily habit


“Millennials want to have social impact as part of their day job and they make career decisions based on what companies are doing for the community and society.” – Danielle Holly

“It’s in moments of crisis where the opportunities exist to break down old stereotypes and old partnerships and have a real conversation around what do we want to do together.” – Danielle Holly

“Nothing fosters creativity and innovation more than a nonprofit environment where you’re working with minimal resources.” – Danielle Holly

“Socially conscious leaders activate and enable others, they lead when they need to lead. But for the most part, they’re hidden and their impact and contribution doesn’t have to have their signature on it.” – Danielle Holly

About Danielle Holly:

Danielle Holly is dedicated to creating previously unseen pathways for individuals to meaningfully contribute to making their communities thrive. Holly is currently the CEO of Common Impact, an organization that brings companies and social change organizations together to create meaningful change through skilled volunteerism. Recently recognized in Buzzfeed for one of the “30 Big Ideas that Can Change the World”, Danielle has led the social sector movement to channel individual talents and superpowers as a force for good. For the past 13 years, she has helped Fortune 100 companies shape their community engagement and investment programs, supported nonprofits in effectively leveraging service for strategic ends and built the industry-leading tools that enable companies and nonprofits to work together effectively. In addition, she hosts the Pro Bono Perspectives podcast –a popular podcast heading into its second season which highlights the careers of cross-sector leaders.

She is a contributing writer for Nonprofit Quarterly and has been featured in the Stanford Social Innovation Review. She is a member of the NationSwell Council, Chief and serves on the Board of Directors for Women in Innovation and Fan4Kids.



LinkedIn: danielle-holly

Twitter: @dholly8

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