Be The Leader You Would Follow with Robin Elledge

Be The Leader You Would Follow with Robin Elledge

We’ve all experienced what it’s like to be led by leaders that are great, and some that are not so great. Do you want to master leadership skills and be the kind of leader you’d love to follow? Our guest, Executive Leadership Coach, Robin Elledge provides perspective on the importance of self-development and learning to lead yourself, before leading others.

Robin leads Janus Coaching & Consulting, a firm that provides Executive Coaching and HR consulting services. Robin has held high-profile C-level roles at public corporations as well as fast growing entrepreneurial firms. Her varied experiences have given her a unique perspective on leadership, growth, and success.

In this episode, Robin discusses what it takes to build high performing teams, and how to navigate through uncertain times. Robin also reveals the keys to success – emotional intelligence, insatiable curiosity, deep love of learning, willingness to take risks, and adapting to change.


[02:27] Robin’s journey
[03:43] Transitioning careers
[06:25] What it takes to drive rapid growth as a leader
[09:38] More than one way to be a successful leader
[15:26] Leading in a larger organization
[17:14] Switching lanes during a recession
[20:58] Building your dream team
[24:36] Preparing for the future of work
[27:51] The ability to navigate paradox
[33:25] Being good enough versus being perfect
[35:20] Focusing on the right thing at the right time
[37:26] Robin’s dream mentor
[41:10] Advice on asking for mentorship or sponsorship
[47:51] Put your own oxygen mask on first


“No matter how smart or how visionary an entrepreneur may be, to drive rapid growth you need a really strong team.” – Robin Elledge

“Leaders today have to be orchestra masters.” – Robin Elledge

“Perfection isn’t a goal. It’s all about a process of moving in the direction that you’re headed in.” – Robin Elledge

“Prioritizing and being able to pick and choose the things that really differentiate you from a brand perspective is super important.” – Robin Elledge

“In today’s world, the ability to learn on the fly, is the number one skill.” – Robin Elledge

“Continuous learning needs to be built as a cultural attribute for organizations.” – Robin Elledge

“One of the key leadership skill sets is navigating paradox.” – Robin Elledge

“All leadership development starts with self-development.” – Robin Elledge

About Robin Elledge:

Robin has spent the past 30 years honing her skills as a respected business leader and results-oriented change agent. She is currently an Executive/Leadership coach and HR/OD consultant through her company, Janus Coaching + Consulting. She is also currently an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Southern California (USC) in their Masters, Human Resources program.

Robin’s previous business experience includes roles as Chief Administrative Officer at an entrepreneurial firm that grew 400% during her tenure, SVP, HR at a publicly traded retailer which was a Fortune Best Places to Work organization, and Chief People Officer at a large publicly traded hospitality company during a period of complete financial restructuring, reorganization, and acquisition. During her many roles she’s developed specific expertise in Organization and Leadership Development, employee engagement, and ensuring alignment between a company’s people and business strategies.

Robin has an MBA from USC and earned an SPHR and a coaching certification (ICF). She has spoken at numerous meetings and conferences and published blogs/articles and two books on team building.


LinkedIn: robinelledge


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