Become A Super Connector On LinkedIn With Jennifer Corcoran

Become A Super Connector On LinkedIn With Jennifer Corcoran

When it comes to professional networking, we all know that LinkedIn is the place to be. But do you feel lost when it comes to presenting yourself or your business? Are you missing out on opportunities because you just don’t know what to post or how to network online? On today’s episode, Jennifer Corcoran shares how professionals and entrepreneurs can stand out and become super connectors on LinkedIn.

Jennifer is an award-winning social media influencer and the founder of My Super Connector – a LinkedIn Training & Consultancy firm. As someone who has worked through shyness and introversion, Jennifer knows first-hand that confidence and networking skills can be learned and honed. Jennifer uses her experience to help others overcome confidence gaps and achieve sustained visibility and success online.

In this episode, Jennifer gives expert tips on the best way to network on LinkedIn. She proves that you don’t need to be the loudest person in the room to get noticed. She shares do’s and don’ts so you can stand out professionally. You’ll learn how to set up your professional profile, highlight your unique competency, and get noticed by your target audience.


[02:11] – Jennifer’s LinkedIn superpower
[03:45] – More to LinkedIn than the home feed
[12:29] – LinkedIn premium versus free version
[17:29] – Designing your profile page
[21:02] – LinkedIn headline is your introduction
[23:59] – Highlighting your competencies
[26:46] – LinkedIn posts vs. articles
[29:22] – Engaging with your community
[30:38] – Thriving in the digital age


“Too many people compare themselves to others, they get a bit of imposter syndrome. I think when you just start to be you and you are authentic, then it is actually easy.” – Jennifer Corcoran

“Focus on increasing your LinkedIn recommendations. Think of it like TripAdvisor, when you want to book a hotel, you look up reviews.” – Jennifer Corcoran

“Applying for a job? Review the job description and use some of the keywords in your profile.” – Jennifer Corcoran

“When people are on the LinkedIn app on their phone, they’re going to judge you on the cover banner, your headshot and the headline, and they’re going to decide if they’re bothered to read on about you. And I think if you don’t grab them within those few seconds and make an impact, they’re not going to read on.” – Jennifer Corcoran

“When you are consistent, people will start to trust you, you will get the know, like, and trust factor.” – Jennifer Corcoran

About Jennifer Corcoran:

As an award-winning social media influencer, Jennifer Corcoran knows a thing or two about leaving her comfort zone behind. She uses her experience to help others achieve sustained visibility and success.

Too many of us feel lost when it comes to selling ourselves or our businesses online. Jennifer’s mission is to help entrepreneurs, individuals and businesses stand out on LinkedIn.

Her business, My Super Connector, proves that you don’t need to be the loudest person in the room to get noticed. While working in The City as an Executive PA, Jennifer used social media to elevate her reputation. This helped her win regional, national and global awards. A back injury cut her City career short but led Jennifer to find her true calling –as a LinkedIn trainer and networking adviser.

Jennifer is more than a skilled social media scheduler or self-pronounced “Expert”. Her talent and hard work is evident in her list of qualifications and awards. As a Pitman-accredited LinkedIn trainer, she has qualified in LinkedIn and Social media for business. Her expertise is evident in her list of prestigious awards such as Social Media Influencer of the Year in the Venus Awards. She has also been spotlighted in national campaigns such as F-Entrepreneur. Jennifer’s clients include London South Bank University, London Chamber of Commerce, Exeter College, the FSB and Enterprise Nation. Her work has been featured in many publications and websites including The Guardian, BrightTALK, Grow Exeter and LBC.

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