Creating A More Inclusive World

Creating A More Inclusive World

Today’s episode is a sensitive one. Our nation is in crisis – from the impact of the pandemic on people’s lives and livelihood, to public protests, rising racial tension, and general unrest throughout the country. There’s so much sensitivity right now. So many people are struggling with what to say or worried that they might inadvertently say it wrong to a friend or colleague.

In this episode, we’ll share recommendations and resources to guide you because while its uncomfortable and emotional, remaining silent, like Martin Luther King said, is betrayal.


[01:35] How to speak up in support
[02:48] Unconscious biases
[03:56] Recommended reading
[05:09] Changing our behaviors
[05:39] Recognize your own privilege
[08:06] Shifting people’s belief system
[10:04] Take action to create a more inclusive world


“Be open to challenge your own biases when you see them.” – Monica Marquez

“You can either be silent about it or you can speak up and shift the mindset and the belief system of the people that you are most able to influence.” – Nikki Barua

“Think about what you can do to create a more inclusive world, where people don’t have to fear for their lives or struggle for equal rights.” – Nikki Barua

Link to Google Resource Document:

Recommended books:

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