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In this episode, senior corporate leader and diversity expert, Monica Marquez joins the show. Throughout her career, Monica has pioneered industry-leading programs to help the disadvantaged gain breakthrough access to opportunities.

Monica decided that anytime an opportunity presented itself, she would take it, even if she struggled with self-doubt and fear. That led her to transitioning from academia to corporate and eventually to her entrepreneurial journey. You must focus on learning and growing and not let fear hold you back from taking on new opportunities.

Gender challenges are global. The biggest challenge we see for women is a lack of representation at the senior levels. There is a drop-off in mid-career where women do not get to a certain level of promotion. Some women choose to take a career break, which will take them on a more scenic route to the top.

There is a lack of support systems in the junior level. Women tend not to raise their hand and take more glamorous roles in an organization. They shy away from a more visible role. However, visibility will help women catapult in their careers.

Stay tuned to hear Monica reveal the top three things that helped her succeed, the future of work, and the importance of community.


[01:00] About Monica Marquez
[03:35] Transitioning from academia to corporate
[07:30] Entering the technology world
[11:15] Challenges that affect women in the workplace
[15:45] What Monica is most proud of in her career
[19:30] The top three things that helped Monica succeed
[22:45] The future of work
[27:20] Final advice from Monica


“Don’t let an opportunity pass you by just because you don’t know everything yet.” – Monica Marquez

“Each organization has its own unique culture. Immerse yourself in that culture, understand that culture, but most importantly, identify how success is defined in that particular culture.” – Monica Marquez

“Sometimes people have this habit of coming in and then wanting to figure it out themselves or being afraid to ask. I learned really quickly to get over the fear of asking questions.” – Monica Marquez

“If an opportunity presents itself, take it, then figure out what are the resources, what are the things that you need to do.” – Monica Marquez

“If you don’t have enough diverse individuals and people coming from looking at problems and solutions from a different perspective, you are not be as successful. Diversity of thought helps organizations level up quicker and faster.” – Monica Marquez

About Monica Marquez:

Monica Marquez is a consciousness creator on a mission to champion equity for all in life, work and community. Throughout her career, Monica has pioneered industry-leading programs to help the disadvantaged gain breakthrough access to opportunities. She has led diversity and inclusion initiatives at some of the world’s best companies such as Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Ernst & Young, and Google.

As a young Latina growing up in a small West Texas town, Monica was the first in her family to go to graduate school and achieve significant professional success. Her experiences taught her that drive and determination alone are not enough – access to opportunities is essential for success. She became a relentless advocate for equity and is committed to rewriting the narrative for marginalized communities.

As a former radio show host, Monica knows how to connect with people across all walks of life. She is an opera singer who can fill any void with melody. And as an aerial acrobat, she is determined to always find a way.

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