Grow Your Impact, Income & Influence

Grow Your Impact, Income & Influence

 If you are someone who is torn between making a living and making a difference, this episode is for you.

We are living in very challenging times. It seems like there are new obstacles every day everywhere. But in the midst of all the crisis, we are also going through a global transformation.

Every time there is seismic shift in the world, it leads to something new, and something more profound emerges. And that creates the space and the need for change makers and leaders.

That’s the opportunity we’ll be talking about on this episode. And how you can be that change maker and leader – and grow your impact, income and influence.


[00:46] Innovation in times of disruption
[02:15] Your role in this time of innovation
[03:53] Challenges that women face in rising up
[04:46] Raising your hand for opportunities
[06:33] Asking for support and sponsorship
[10:28] The importance of having clarity
[13:59] The impact of mentors and sponsors
[14:50] Managing your career
[16:44] How coaching accelerates your success
[23:35] Democratizing access to executive coaching


“The greatest problems we face as a human population today will be solved by technology and the power of the human mind coming together.”– Nikki Barua

“If nobody at the top knows you, has heard your name, or knows your impact, then it’s going to be tough to get the sponsorship and support when you’re not in the room.” – Nikki Barua

“Research shows only 15% of women who responded said that they had clarity about their career in the next five years.” – Monica Marquez

“You can work really hard and be great at doing your job and not be managing your career. And what gets you ahead is managing your career intentionally.” – Nikki Barua

“You don’t have just one job that you have to do really well. You have two jobs, you have your day job, and you have to manage your career.” – Monica Marquez

“If you want to help other people rise up as leaders that make a difference, then you have to help yourself first.” – Monica Marquez

“Coaching paired with leadership training can act as an equalizer between men and women.” – Monica Marquez

“When you are a star athlete, coaching and training makes you an Olympian.” – Nikki Barua

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