Hispanic Heritage Month: Going Further, Faster Together

Hispanic Heritage Month: Going Further, Faster Together

This year’s theme for Hispanic Heritage Month from the National Council of Hispanic Employment Program Managers is, "Unidos: Inclusivity for a Stronger Nation." With 62 million people and over 21 different cultures, Latinos/x are a unique combination of black, Asian, white, indigenous, Middle Eastern, and mixed races. When describing their identity, research shows that over half (51%) of Hispanics and Latinos/x say they most often use their family's country of origin – using such terms as Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Salvadoran or Dominican. It's a cultural nuance, as most Latinos/x don't feel they fit under a "one umbrella" identity. 

To build inclusivity in the workplace, leaders have an opportunity to drive a sense of belonging in the Latino/x community. In this episode, Monica Marquez (aka the “Macgyver for the Marginalized”) discusses the historical context of Hispanic and Latin/x cultural terminologies and how to embrace these labels to drive inclusivity and unite as one community.


[2:22] Significance of Hispanic Heritage Month

[6:26] Differences between Hispanic vs. Latino/x

[9:42] Origin of “Latinx”

[12:57] Embracing Hispanic and Latin/X terminology

[14:54] Raising Latino/X visibility to develop the next generation



“For the Hispanic and Latino/x community to move forward and get ahead, we have to go further, faster together as one inclusive familia. Some of us may think, won’t all of these different labels divide our community? Only if we let it.” - Monica Marquez

"There are so many of my Latino/x colleagues I see doing amazing things. So let's lift each other up." -Monica Marquez

“As my colleague, Frank Carbajal says, ‘Es tiempo to embrace Latinx’ - because you're embracing a new segment of the population that is identifying and saying they're proud Latinos/x with a strong Latinos/x origin. They want to recognize their roots, but they want a terminology that makes sense to them.” - Monica Marquez

About Monica Marquez:

Monica Marquez is a senior corporate leader, ex-Googler, and diversity expert.

Website: https://themonicamarquez.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheMonicaMarquez/

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/themmarquez


About Nikki Barua:

Nikki Barua is a digital innovator, serial entrepreneur, author & speaker. 

Website: https://www.nikkibarua.com/

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