How To Build Lasting Relationships with Tami Holzman

How To Build Lasting Relationships with Tami Holzman

Have you ever been in a room full of powerful and influential people but didn’t know how to approach them? Or perhaps you needed a deal or an investment but didn’t have access to the right decision makers?

Meet Tami Holzman, the queen connector, who shares with us her journey from C-Student to C-Suite by building lasting relationships, how your network fuels your net worth, and why emotional intelligence matters even more in the digital age.

Tami is an investor, advisor, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author of the bestselling book “From C-Student to the C-Suite” a modern-day guide to business and relationships.

Tami shares actionable strategies on getting access to powerful people, always creating value in relationships, and showing up confidently and authentically to level up in your career.


[00:54] About Tami Holzman
[04:11] Taking advantage of opportunities
[06:17] What success looks like for you
[06:55] Tami’s book, “From C-Student to the C-Suite”
[08:55] Tami on Imposter Syndrome
[11:45] The power of emotional intelligence
[16:41] Don’t wait for perfection to act
[19:10] Finding an accountability partner
[20:30] How to gain access and expand your network
[23:32] Find ways to add value to someone else
[31:42] Lessons learned from failures and successes
[37:25] Advice on the key to success


“I think if you see opportunity along the way, and you’re daring enough to go for it, then you should pivot.” – Tami Holzman

“I think one thing we should all think about as we meet people in our careers is meet interesting people, you don’t need the relationship maybe today, but you might need it tomorrow.” – Tami Holzman

“What does success look like? Success could be how you feel about yourself. Success can be how other people perceive you. Success is happiness. It has different forms along your journey.” – Tami Holzman

“I think the minute you could be your true self with people as much as possible it allows them to be themselves.” – Tami Holzman

“You should have mentors that are much much older than you and much much younger than you.” – Tami Holzman

“If you have imposter syndrome, there’s a good chance it’s because you’re pushing yourself to go further, and you’re taking chances.” – Tami Holzman

“If you let people see that you may not know everything and you need help, then people can teach you and they can mentor you. And that’s how you build strong relationships.” – Tami Holzman

“We’re going to be a people-first economy with a people-first approach to business” – Tami Holzman

“Empathy is by far the most important skill set for a leader. If people are intimidated to talk to you, that’s when the business is going to go south.” – Tami Holzman

“85% of getting business is due to your EQ and 15% due to logic. People will work with you if they like you and trust you.” – Tami Holzman

“Ask for money, get advice. Ask for advice, get money twice.” – Tami Holzman quoting PitBull

“I think no matter what you are, what level you are in, if you can add value to somebody else, that changes the course of your relationship.” – Tami Holzman

About Tami Holzman:

Tami loves to make people happy – whether that means giving a confidence boost, an introduction to that person they just can’t seem to get to, or strategic counseling on a not yet fully baked idea. She is passionate about helping people succeed.

Tami Holzman is the author of From C-Student to the C-Suite ; in just three days from launch, From C-Student to the C-Suite became an Amazon best seller and was ranked in the top 1% of sales on Amazon.

From C-Student to the C-Suite is a modern-day guide to business and relationships – showing how a girl with straight C’s in school but straight A’s in Emotional Intelligence became savvy in the cutthroat business world.

Tami began her career in the entertainment industry as a talent agent, show creator and executive producer, with development deals at NBC, HBO and the Fox Network. She segued into a successful career as the EVP of avVenta, a marketing services firm leading global business development, which led to a successful acquisition to Accenture. Shortly after, Tami served as a Chief Brand Officer of the Plastic Bank, a social impact company turning waste into currency. Today, Tami is a LP with Halogen Ventures, angel investor, advisor, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and brand ambassador. Tami loves to mentor and promote opportunities for women.

Tami lives in Pacific Palisades, overlooking the Pacific Ocean where you can find her hosting friends while saluting the sun with a cocktail in hand and an ever-present smile on her face.

Tami is a guest lecturer at UCLA Marketing, USC and Loyola Marymount Entrepreneurship courses. In addition, Tami has a Certificate of Expertise from the University of Pennsylvania in Positive Psychology, with an emphasis on emotional intelligence, resilience skills, mental agility, and optimism.


LinkedIn: tamiholzman

Facebook: queenconnector

Twitter: @queenconnector


Book: From C-Student to the C-Suite

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