How To Gain Clarity On Your Skills And Competencies


Have you ever wondered what is that one thing that you can be great at? It’s what you become known for – and what differentiates you. Well that’s exactly what we’re going to help you with on today’s show, where you’ll learn how to gain clarity on your skills and competencies with powerful habits and hacks.

When you have clarity on what makes you outstanding in your career, you can align what you do to exactly that competency. That way you can continue to hone it over time and become great at it.

Don’t waste time focusing on your weaknesses. Delegate or outsource those things. When you try to work on your weaknesses, you become mediocre at best. Double down on the strengths, you are naturally talented at or love doing versus trying to get better at something that is not a natural gift and You’ll become great at those things. That’s how you accelerate your success!


[01:01] The difference between skills and competencies
[02:48] Transferrable skills and competencies
[03:27] Articulate your competencies, not just your skills
[07:19] How to gain clarity on competencies and unique skills
[09:22] Homework for the week


“Tell a story of your competencies that translates well into your new situation, whether it’s a promotion or new role.” – Nikki Barua

“Your career trajectory follows your competency development. As long as you’re leveling up in competencies, you will keep rising up.” – Nikki Barua

“Don’t focus on the weaknesses, focus on the competencies that come naturally to you, because you will become excellent at those.” – Monica Marquez

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