How To Live Big and Free with Saren Stiegel

How To Live Big and Free with Saren Stiegel

Are you frustrated with self-doubt and tired of living small? In this episode, Saren Stiegel, shares with us how to develop strength and confidence and go from living small and fearful, to living big and free.

Saren Stiegel is the People + Culture Officer for tech startup generator, ELEV^TE. Named Business Relationship Alliance’s 2019 “Visionary Woman of the Year,” Saren is also the best-selling author of The Glow Effect. Since its founding in 2013, the Glow Effect social enterprise has worked with over 20,000 people in 32 countries to grow their leadership impact. Saren has been featured in Real Simple, Fox News, and Entrepreneur.

Saren shares her personal journey from being a divorce attorney to becoming a conscious culture advocate who helps individuals and organizations maximize their human and team potential. She presents actionable advice on how to pursue your passion and build your legacy with continuous learning and persistence.


[02:26] Saren’s journey
[07:49] Discovering your unique strength
[09:13] Sales is a numbers game
[12:37] Approaching fear with humility
[14:19] Building partnerships
[18:07] Courageous conversations
[20:34] Persistency and flow
[22:50] Being successful in the digital age
[25:27] Focus on right thing at the right time
[30:22] Key to accelerating success in the future of work
[33:34] Diversity of thought


“It’s not about me getting the courage to ask. It’s about reframing it in a way that we can get this done together.” – Saren Stiegel

“When I walked into a room of women, I didn’t see them as a network, I saw them as people who I can do cool things with.” – Saren Stiegel

“The goal is to distribute power more equally to make everyone feel that they belong.” – Saren Stiegel

“The top of the triangle is your idea. You need to have a novel idea but supporting that novel idea, is expertise and experience.” – Saren Stiegel

“Iteration and constantly willing to communicate and give feedback and be humble and, and learn, learn, learn, and increase your awareness. That’s the future.” – Saren Stiegel

“The openness and the willingness to consider and think about that diversity of thought in all of our business strategizing, is the infinite game.” – Saren Stiegel

“If your goal is constant betterment and constant improvement and going beyond barriers, then it’s okay to not know and keep going and to just know that you’re consciously learning.” -Saren Stiegel

About Saren Stiegel:

Saren Stiegel is the Founder of The Glow Effect, which delivers learner-centered training contents to nurture high performance. She is also an author, activist, speaker, social entrepreneur, and people and culture officer at ELEV^TE. Saren was named “Visionary Woman of the Year” by Business Relationship Alliance 2019. As an internationally recognized thought leader, Saren made herself a vehicle to empower women to rise as revolutionary female leaders. Among her expertise are leadership coaching, diversity and inclusion employee engagement and organizational consulting. She works with individuals and organizations to leverage their strengths and hone qualities that create a profound social impact.


LinkedIn: sarenstiegel

Instagram: TheGlowEffect

Facebook: TheGlowEffect 

Twitter: youaretheglow

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