How To Navigate Difficult Conversations with AmyK Hutchens

How To Navigate Difficult Conversations with AmyK Hutchens

There are certain conversations we all dread: the ones in which we have to deliver bad news or constructive feedback, discuss a sensitive or political subject, or talk about a project or meeting that’s gone wrong.

In this episode, communications expert and master storyteller, AmyK Hutchens shares with us powerful tips from her new book, GET IT, which is filled with conversation tips and magical phrases so you can get exactly what you want.

AmyK Hutchens is an award-winning speaker and bestselling author, who has been featured on Bloomberg, NBC, Fox and ABC. She has helped leading corporations such as The Home Depot, Starbucks, Expedia, Walmart, and guided their executives how to confidently navigate their toughest conversations without saying something they regret, giving their power away or damaging their relationships.


[02:11] AmyK’s journey
[03:15] Describe your superpower
[04:42] Guidance on difficult conversations
[05:41] The skill of having tough conversations
[10:36] AmyK’s book “GET IT”
[14:14] Key message from AmyK
[15:17] Taking it one difficult conversation at a time
[19:01] Difficult conversations and gender
[23:52] Communicating with sensitivity during a crisis
[27:21] Future of work post-pandemic
[32:26] Approaching C-Suite executives
[36:55] Advice on key skill to develop


“The more that you do something, the more confident you become, but you have to take action. And it’s no different when it comes to communication.” – AmyK Hutchens

“The things that make us feel so isolated and disconnected are the things that connect us all.” – AmyK Hutchens

“Explaining what you are doing and why you’re doing it makes you a more empathic listener, it creates more connectivity.” – AmyK Hutchens

“A leader’s role in a time of crisis is to shine the light on all of the data. Sharing what is known and what we’re going to do in response to what we know.” – AmyK Hutchens

“Nobody really wants to go to a meeting, but everybody wants to go to a great conversation.” – AmyK Hutchens

“Focus on your path, do amazing things on your path. And people will start to look at what you’re doing and want to invite you to a conversation.” – AmyK Hutchens

About AmyK Hutchens:

AmyK Hutchens is an international award-winning speaker, Amazon bestselling author and has over nineteen years’ experience training and consulting with clients such as The Home Depot, Starbucks Canada, Comerica Bank, Expedia, Lockheed Martin, Securian Financial, Walmart, John Paul Mitchell Systems and hundreds more. AmyK travels the globe sharing with executives, influencers and go-getters HOW to confidently & competently navigate their toughest conversations without saying something they regret, giving their power away or damaging their relationships. AmyK received her M.S. from Johns Hopkins University, and has been a featured guest on numerous TV and radio networks including Bloomberg, NBC, Fox and ABC.




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