How To Rise Up Within Your Organization With Toyota’s Mia Phillips

How To Rise Up Within Your Organization With Toyota’s Mia Phillips

Are you looking for a new challenge and digging through the abyss of job postings and company profiles that you don’t quite understand? Why not consider looking internally within your own organization and build upon the foundation you already have?

Mia Phillips shares with us her 30-year career journey from a summer job at a car wash to becoming a senior executive leader for the world’s largest automaker, Toyota. Mia is candid about her own experiences and how she learned to take risks, overcome limiting beliefs, fail fast, and keep adapting.


[00:58] About Mia Phillips
[07:35] Mia on being adaptable
[09:37] Mia on taking risks
[18:00] Mia on limiting beliefs
[27:12] Mia on convictions and beliefs
[32:26] Mia on showing up confident at work
[37:12] Mia on failing fast
[46:26] Mia on success habits
[48:55] Mia on balancing personal and professional demands
[55:13] Mia on her role model
[66:45] Mia on preparing for the future


“Be adaptable. Don’t take things at face value. Look at the possibilities beyond what is presented.” – Mia Phillips

“What I did to overcome my fears is rely on the things that got me there.” – Mia Phillips

“I had to step back at look at my breadth of experience as someone outside the company would in order to see the value that I bring to the table.” – Mia Phillips

“There is a fine line between confidence and cockiness.” – Mia Phillips

“Your confidence can stem from things you’re already doing and leverage those things in more situations.” – Mia Phillips

“Start by finding and developing relationships with people around you, in your circle, who you feel comfortable having those conversations with.” – Mia Phillips

“Embrace the change. Learn as much as you can. Curate information in your field AND adjacent fields. Always have the learner mindset.” – Mia Phillips

About Mia Phillips:

Throughout her career, Mia has gained diverse experiences within Toyota taking on exciting challenges with new responsibilities. Mia spent her early years working in field operations collaborating with Toyota dealerships. She gained consumer invaluable insights that helped her succeed in future roles. From sales operations to marketing and advertising, Mia has helped Toyota authentically connect with its consumers, especially to its multicultural population. Her work has won numerous awards and she is now responsible for advertising and media strategies for Lexus.


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