How To Set Boundaries At Work

How To Set Boundaries At Work

Most of us having been working remotely for the past year and the boundaries between our work and home lives have become blurred. Women have been disproportionately affected by these blurred boundaries and burnout is on the rise.

As organizations explore the right collaboration model (onsite vs. remote), it is very likely that the future workplace will be a hybrid environment. It’s not just about where you work, but also when you work. So, how do you ensure high performance without losing yourself to burnout?

In this episode, you’ll learn the importance of setting boundaries so that you can achieve your goals while maintaining your health and well-being. You’ll also learn the 5 steps to establishing healthy boundaries and how to thrive in any environment.


[00:47] The effects of remote work
[03:12] What’s really causing burnout
[04:38] How Monica learned to set boundaries
[09:48] The steps to establishing boundaries
[20:50] Use PTR – Preference, Tradition, Requirement


“Being authentic and setting boundaries gives you more freedom.” – Monica Marquez 

“As an entrepreneur, if you do not set boundaries for yourself, they will not exist.” – Nikki Barua

“Boundaries are the most important mechanism to living your life on your own terms.” – Nikki Barua 

“Boundaries can help you protect your energy, your focus, and even your values.” – Nikki Barua        

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About Monica Marquez:

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