Keep Calm And Carry On With Quil CEO Carina Edwards

Keep Calm And Carry On With Quil CEO Carina Edwards

What if your biggest opportunity was also your biggest challenge? Would you go for it?

Carina Edwards, CEO of Quil, shares why it’s so important to be guided by your true north, and how to make sound decisions about your life and career.

Carina is an inspiring leader who embodies grace under fire. As CEO of Quil, a digital health company, Carina is leading her organization to revolutionize healthcare by empowering patients and their care providers to have ownership of their healthcare journeys.

In this episode, Carina shares how she discovered her purpose, and what drives her to make a positive difference in people’s lives every day. Carina also provides guidance on navigating effectively through an unexpected crisis, and what it takes to lead with courage and conviction.


[02:21] Carina’s story
[04:36] The evolution of leadership
[08:24] Switching lanes and leveling up effectively
[11:09] Transitioning to leadership and what it takes to be successful
[14:11] What I wish I had known earlier in my career
[15:56] Taking the leap with confidence
[18:56] The mission of Quil Health
[21:27] Leading through crisis – COVID pandemic
[25:10] Post-pandemic – the birth of new innovations
[28:40] How to navigate through difficult times
[30:03] Daily habit to keep yourself grounded
[31:58] Gravitas in remote collaboration
[34:30] Advice to get future-ready


“If you don’t deliver value, and you don’t deliver results, you can’t drive top line growth.” – Carina Edwards

“Always finish what you start and deliver results. Then be curious about the next thing that can truly deliver value and enhance your career.” – Carina Edwards

“Before you can lead through crisis, you have to first ground yourself in being the most authentic version of yourself.” – Carina Edwards

“Don’t let the crisis pivot you from your true north.” – Carina Edwards

“If you don’t get close to your customers and understand how they’re going to be impacted, then you don’t know how you’re going to be able to help them.” – Carina Edwards

“Always bring your authentic self to both your personal life and your professional life.” – Carina Edwards

About Carina Edwards:

Carina Edwards is the CEO of Quil, the joint venture between Comcast NBCUniversal and Independence Blue Cross aimed at empowering patients and their support teams to answer “What Happens Next?” on their healthcare journeys. Quil’s digital health companion empowers users with step-by-step, personalized directions, prescribed by their doctor, from the first point of intervention through recovery delivering information where and when they need it, on their smartphone, computer, and TV.

Prior to joining Quil, Carina served in executive positions at Imprivata, Nuance, Zynx Health, and Philips Healthcare. In 2016, she was appointed to the board of directors of CHIME (The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives). In 2019, she was named by Becker’s Healthcare as “Female Health IT Leaders to Know.” Carina received her MBA from Boston College and her BS in MIS & Decision Sciences from George Mason University.


LinkedIn: carina-edwards-aa0731

Twitter: @cedwardski

Twitter: @quilhealth


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