Lessons Learned As First Time Managers

Lessons Learned As First Time Managers

Do you have a career related question that you’re uncomfortable asking your peers, managers or mentors?

We’re here to address your questions. The fear of being perceived as inadequate prevents us from asking –but it causes us to pay a high price in every aspect of our lives—in lost income, slower career progress, LIMITED access to leadership roles and potential risk to well-being. So, learn to ask –and start by asking us.

Many of our listeners have asked what we wish we had known before taking a role in management. So, in this episode, we discuss the lessons we’ve learned when transitioning from an individual contributor to a manager.


[01:21] Management theory versus practice
[03:04] Transitioning from individual contributor to manager
[06:03] How to delegate effectively
[07:56] Right amount of oversight when delegating
[11:56] Letting go of being liked
[13:46] Be responsible for your team
[17:31] How to have effective meetings


“As a manager, you want to make sure that you’re empowering your team and allowing them to bring their expertise, skills and competencies to the table, so that collectively, you can be effective in solving organizational challenges.” – Nikki Barua

“Have a mindset of constant succession planning. If you want to move up, the only way you can do that is if someone is ready, capable and willing to take your spot.” – Nikki Barua

“The key to delegation is to learn how to let go, while remaining accountable, and giving the other person the opportunity to figure out how to do it their way and develop the competency.” – Nikki Barua

“Don’t aspire to be liked. Focus on being trusted and respected and leading with the right decisions for the organization and for the people.” – Nikki Barua

About Nikki Barua:

Nikki Barua is a digital innovator, serial entrepreneur, author & speaker. Learn more at nikkibarua.com.

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About Monica Marquez:

Monica Marquez is a senior corporate leader, ex-Googler, and diversity expert. Learn more at themonicamarquez.com.

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