Lessons Learned In Crisis & Adversity

Lessons Learned In Crisis & Adversity

Have you ever experienced temporary paralysis when you are faced with a difficult decision and you don’t know what to do? How do you handle those situations? What’s your “go to” state – fight, flight or freeze?

In this episode, we share our own lessons learned as we navigate through crisis and adversity. You’ll learn from our experience and understand how to assess your risks and make decisions with confidence and certainty using powerful habits and hacks.


[01:12] Launching a new business during a pandemic
[07:42] How past experiences prepared us for this crisis
[09:03] Adapting and pivoting your business model
[10:45] How crisis can unlock innovation
[14:59] Switching lanes in your career
[20:39] Remaining calm in a crisis
[26:28] Learning to create boundaries
[30:36] What Monica wishes she had known at the start of her career
[32:59] What Nikki wishes she had known at the start of her career
[43:09] Nikki’s favorite word
[44:18] Monica’s favorite word
[45:13] Assess risk & make decisions with confidence
[47:57] Homework for the week


“Do you wait and watch, and then respond? Or do you get proactive, rethink everything, and reimagine a whole new future?” – Nikki Barua

“Adopt the mindset of disrupting yourself before you get disrupted.” – Nikki Barua

“Don’t wait for a pandemic to disrupt your plans. Anticipate change and be prepared for disruption.”

“Thinking back on my corporate career, I wish I’d asked why more often and challenged the status quo sooner.” – Monica Marquez

“Every time I have achieved a big dream, I realize how much more is possible. That’s how I’ve learned to dream big.” – Nikki Barua

“Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable helps you dream bigger.” – Monica Marquez

“You can’t be outstanding, if your standards aren’t high enough.” – Nikki Barua

“Crisis can unlock innovation, but don’t let a crisis be the only reason you innovate.” – Nikki Barua

“There’s nothing better than that feeling of being ahead of the curve. It builds tremendous confidence.” – Monica Marquez

“Don’t be afraid to let go of your past, no matter how attached you may be. There’s something more beautiful, more exciting, more meaningful that’s waiting for you.” – Nikki Barua

“Recognize the power of your dreams. The size of your dreams defines your destiny.” – Nikki Barua

“No matter what you do, go above and beyond. Aspire to more, because you are limitless. Whoever you are, you can go beyond what you think is possible.” – Nikki Barua

About Nikki Barua:

Nikki Barua is a digital innovator, serial entrepreneur, author & speaker. Learn more at nikkibarua.com.

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About Monica Marquez:

Monica Marquez is a senior corporate leader, ex-Googler, and diversity expert. Learn more at themonicamarquez.com.

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