Making Bold Moves and Learning from Your Mistakes with Publicis Sapient’s Alyssa Altman

As a woman in leadership today, taking unconventional paths leads to more success. This means facing that challenge at work that everyone else is avoiding or putting yourself out on the line to make a tough decision. As a Senior Vice President at Publicis Sapient, Alyssa Altman leads the Automotive and Consumer Products industry in North America. She knows firsthand about shaping her company’s leadership. One way she’s done this is through a program called the Fellowship in Transformation Leadership which is an MBA-like series that is helping to mold Publicis Sapient’s next generation of managers.


Alyssa shares with us today how she builds solid teams that work together to accomplish their goals. She also talks about the importance of providing value to clients and always doing great work while still managing your career. She’s familiar with being the sole female leader in an organization and has many times had to find the courage to have that difficult conversation. Alyssa believes in learning from failure. She also believes in being authentic and looks for that quality in the people she hires. In addition, she looks for employees who aren’t afraid to make bold moves. Learn from Alyssa’s experiences and how she gained confidence as an impactful leader.



[03:37] Alyssa’s journey
[09:03] Mastering managing at scale
[11:19] Alyssa’s WHY
[14:01] Doing great work AND managing your career
[17:00] Being the only woman
[19:44] Gaining the courage to have a difficult conversation
[21:58] How to move your ideas forward
[25:08] Evolution of effective business development
[28:47] Approach to decision making
[31:36] Learning from failure
[39:24] Designing teams
[41:18] Top trait for success
[42:17] Common attributes of great leaders
[46:26] What Alyssa wishes she had learned earlier in her career
[47:48] Biggest trends that will impact business
[53:17] The greatest joy of Alyssa’s career 



“Leaders should not try to be everything to everyone, but instead build a team of people that feel empowered to take ownership and to tell you when they need you.” – Alyssa Altman

"Our responsibility as leaders is to help people grow in an organization." - Alyssa Altman

“You always need to be in the work, because it gives you the perspective, it gives you the connection.” – Alyssa Altman

“Don’t think of it as a sale, think of it as a partnership that you're helping to bring someone something they are going to see value in.” – Alyssa Altman

“As a leader, you need to find ways for people to feel like they're winning, even if you have a failure.” – Alyssa Altman

“Acknowledge your successes and learn how to market them.” – Alyssa Altman 

“Leaders are not afraid to make bold moves and make mistakes and then recover from those mistakes.” – Alyssa Altman 


About Alyssa Altman:

Alyssa Altman is a Senior Vice President at Publicis Sapient.  She leads the Automotive and Consumer Products industries in North America.  In her role, Alyssa helps her clients find their digital future through the delivery of omnichannel strategies and robust technology solutions.

Throughout her 20+ years at Publicis Sapient, it has been her passion to shape and lead diverse teams who realize goals through inclusive collaboration. She believes that with the right people in the room actively engaging with each other, we gain valuable insights that create innovative solutions to any business problem we may face. 

When not working directly with clients, she plays an active role in shaping and executing Publicis Sapient’s MBA-like leadership program called the Fellowship in Transformation Leadership.  Alyssa also has a keen interest in shaping the next generation of women leaders as an Advisory board member of Publicis Sapient Women’s Leadership Network (WLN). Externally, she is an Advisory board member of Debbie’s Treasure Chest and sponsors a community service initiative that teaches high-risk teens the skills necessary to enter the workforce.

Alyssa was honored by Consulting Magazine as a “Global Leader in Consulting” for Excellence in Engagement.

Prior to her tenure at Publicis Sapient, she worked for Ernst & Young in the Strategic Advisory Services Group. Alyssa has an MBA in Finance and Marketing from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a BA in English from the University of Michigan. 




LinkedIn: alyssaaltmanpublicissapient 

Facebook: alyssa.altman

Twitter: AlyssaAltman

Instagram: @altmanalyssa

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