Redefining Success with Christy Rutherford

Jul 24, 2020

How do you define success? Are you accepting someone else’s definition or are you deciding what success is for yourself?

In this episode, 5 Times Best Selling Author, Christy Rutherford, shares her journey to high levels of success, but also highlights what she gave up along the way. In the last few years of her career, she realized she was digging an early grave and courageously discloses her breaking point and how she left a 6-figure career for freedom. Christy shares insights on the common experiences high performing women experience and also the things they give up to achieve success.


[02:53] Christy’s story
[05:21] The decision to make a career change
[08:23] Attempting to meet defined requirements for success
[10:54] Patterns of women in showing up with confidence
[14:55] Lessons learned in speaking up
[17:35] Putting both feet on the ground
[20:44] Making yourself a priority
[24:40] Overcoming limiting beliefs
[26:56] Having the right mindset
[33:58] Heal Your Brokenness
[35:35] Advice on getting unstuck
[37:42] Christy’s success habit


“People tend to think they need the money. But if your mind is not properly structured and healed, you’re not going to get the money because it’s so much strain. Seek the mindset first, the money will come after.” – Christy Rutherford

“Ask yourself how you will show up and who do you want to be.” – Christy Rutherford

“You have to believe that you have your fate in your hands. You create it. – Christy Rutherford

About Christy Rutherford

A globally recognized leader, Christy Rutherford assists women in leadership to get unstuck, make more money, have more peace and enjoy more fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.

She’s also a keynote speaker and author, publishing five #1 best-selling books on Amazon in eight months.

A Harvard Business School Alumna, Christy is also a certified Executive Leadership Coach from Georgetown University and has been featured in Forbes three times.

Christy is the 13th African American woman to achieve the rank of Commander (Lieutenant Colonel equivalent) in the U.S. Coast Guard’s 225+ year history where her demographic was .1%.

Christy responded to the needs of the citizens in New Orleans two days after Hurricane Katrina and had a 3-year Congressional Fellowship with the House of Representatives. Christy’s academic portfolio also includes an MBA, and a pastry chef diploma. Among her many professional accomplishments, her national recognition includes Harvard Business School’s 2018 Launching New Ventures Pitch Contest Grand Master Champion, Cambridge Who’s Who Amongst Executives and Professionals, Career Communications STEM Technology All-Star and the Edward R. Williams Award for Excellence In Diversity.


LinkedIn: christyrutherform

Facebook: c.rutherford7

Twitter: visionfinder7



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