Stop Beating Yourself Up For Making Mistakes

Aug 31, 2020

What happens to you when you make a mistake that gets called out? Do you get so upset with yourself that you get angry or become paralyzed and begin to doubt your worth? Or worse, you vow to never try that again or opt out of taking the lead?

In this episode, we are going to discuss the dangers of this self-defeating pattern and how you can overcome the negative self-talk and develop the confidence to move forward with an action plan.


[01:15] Don’t let a mistake define you
[03:27] Break the pattern of negative self-talk
[08:13] The emotional toll of negative self-talk
[11:03] How to overcome negative self-talk


“Letting go of negative self-talk allows you to take a very optimistic view of challenges and obstacles.” – Nikki Barua

“The best ways to get past making mistakes is to practice self-acceptance.” – Monica Marquez

“View mistakes as teachable moments and develop an action plan on how you’ll handle the situation the next time it occurs.” – Monica Marquez

“Move past a mistake quickly by reflecting, gaining insight, and then developing an action plan.” – Nikki Barua

About Nikki Barua:

Nikki Barua is a digital innovator, serial entrepreneur, author & speaker. Learn more at

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About Monica Marquez:

Monica Marquez is an ex-Googler, diversity expert and senior corporate leader. Learn more at

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