Surviving An Unexpected Crisis With Pam Isom

Surviving An Unexpected Crisis With Pam Isom

If you are overwhelmed with fear and anxiety and don’t know what to do during a pandemic, you are not alone. We are all navigating through turbulence without a compass and there’s just a lot of risk and uncertainty. That’s why we are speaking with an expert who can guide us on what to do in this unprecedented situation. Meet Pam Isom–President/CEO of ICE Safety Solutions–an award-winning safety products and training company on a mission to mitigate illness, injury and loss of life.

Pam is a Biologist & Researcher turned entrepreneur who is driven by her desire to save lives. As an expert in safety protocols, Pam provides tips on how to protect yourself and your loved ones, what steps you must take to manage your business and personal finances, and why it’s important to always be prepared.


[02:00] Pamela’s journey
[05:59] How to keep safe during Coronavirus pandemic
[13:25] What can parents do to protect their children
[15:04] COVID-19 versus common cold symptoms
[20:16] How to protect the household when a family member has tested positive
[23:17] Leading through crisis – advice for professionals from an economic perspective
[28:28] Tips for business survival during crisis
[32:03] COVID-19 Myths versus facts
[38:21] What did the pandemic teach us as a society


“For businesses, the first thing to do is determine your liquidity 30, 60 and 90 days. How much liquid cash do you have to survive for 30 days, for 60 days, and for 90 days?” – Pamela Isom

“Corporations are dying to fill their supply chain because their supply chain has been obliterated. If there are corporations that you were talking to in the past, and they stopped talking to you, please call them right now.” – Pamela Isom

“When you’re making your business continuity plan for your family, for your parents and for your business, start identifying what you’re too dependent on that maybe you need to slowly become less dependent on.” – Pamela Isom

About Pamela Isom:

Since she was a young girl Pam had one focus: “To be sure no one around her became ill, injured or would lose a life” While growing up in Oakland & San Jose, California she was a lifeguard, daughter, friend, sister, wife and mother, who always made sure no one around her would get hurt, she made sure children playing around her were safe or when she was traveling with friends on airplanes & hotels, she made sure everyone knew their emergency exits. Her life changing moment came as a teenager when she used her lifeguard CPR skills to recognize her father was suffering congestive heart failure and she leaped into action!

Because of her love of life, it is no surprise Ms. Isom earned a degree in Biological Sciences from UC Davis and started her career as a Biologist in Preclinical Drug Development and Cardiovascular Pharmacology. After 9 years in research, she left her career with the birth of her daughter and started an American Heart Association CPR training company.

Fast forward 20 years, ICE Safety Solutions is a nationally ranked safety company executing fun, innovative & transformational safety training, equipment and services focused on mitigating employee illness, injury and loss of life for corporations across the US. ICE Safety Solutions was recognized by Union Bank/MUFG, Toyota, Bright Horizons, Oracle, Comcast, Kaiser, Honda, Turner Construction, Golden State Warriors, Allstate and other Fortune 1000 companies as the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) Minority Business Enterprise of the Year, 2017, National Association of Women Owned Businesses (NAWBO) & WBENC Pacific as Woman Owned Business Enterprise 2018.

Ms. Isom admits that the greatest success in working with Fortune 1000 corporations delivering their CPR, First Aid and Automated External Defibrillator training, High Rise Evacuation Drills, Emergency Response Team Simulations, Earthquake/Disaster/First Aid Kits new in 2018 their innovative Virtual Reality CPR training has been the lives saved and here today because of the training, products and services we innovated. These lives and testimonials from clients are honored on the ‘Wall of Life’ at ICE Safety Solutions headquarters in Fremont, CA.



LinkedIn: pamela-isom-mbe-wbe-17b1b02


Twitter: pam_icesafety

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