The Importance Of Investing In Yourself

The Importance Of Investing In Yourself

Warren Buffett said that by far the best investment you can make is in yourself.

Where do you invest your time, energy, and money?

In this episode, we discuss why it is important to establish the habit of consistently upgrading your skills, competencies and knowledge. And why investing in yourself has guaranteed returns. Nikki also shares insights and strategies on how you can become a lifelong learner and aspire to success.


[01:30] The best investment you can make
[05:00] Make it a habit
[07:00] When to upgrade yourself
[10:59] You are worthy of the investment
[12:45] Take control of your career development
[15:00] Best way to aspire to success


“The best investment you can ever make in your life, whether it's time, money or energy, is in bettering ourselves. It has guaranteed results.” – Nikki Barua

“Ask yourself what is the next level of learned competency for professional development that you need and how you do you get it.” – Nikki Barua

“Be intentional in seeking out learning for professional development.” – Nikki Barua

“You are worthy of the time, care, and attention to focus on yourself.” – Nikki Barua

“There is a misconception that your company is responsible for your career development.” – Monica Marquez

“The ultimate job security isn’t being good at your job today, it’s being highly capable and qualified to do your job tomorrow.” – Nikki Barua

“The easiest way to be successful is to find the people who you want to be like and look at what they do, not what they have.” Nikki Barua

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