The Key to Persuasion and Influence with Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim

The Key to Persuasion and Influence with Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim

Have you ever struggled to get traction with some people, where it feels like you’re spinning your wheels and just can’t connect with them? How do you get the results you want if you cannot influence or persuade them?

In this episode, Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim shares actionable insights based on her unique and proven framework for creating the impact and influence you need in your daily life and work.

Dr. Solheim is the author of the new book, The Leadership PIN Code – Unlocking the Key to Willing and Winning Relationships. She has a fascinating background – she is a clinical and criminal forensic psychologist, a Harvard Law School educated negotiation expert, and a business leader and strategist. Dr. Solheim breaks down the art of persuasion, influence, and negotiation to a simple ABC strategy and explains how YOU can use them to have the impact you want in everyday business situations.


[01:58] Nashater’s journey
[09:53] 3 lessons learned from experience in psychology
[13:00] Competencies are transferrable
[15:13] Nashater’s book “The Leadership PIN Code”
[17:03] The ABCs of solving the gap between intent and impact
[23:55] Example of the ABC framework in a criminal setting
[29:23] Example of the ABC framework in the professional world
[32:49] Setting the room for success
[38:55] Advice for standing out in a meeting
[44:43] Authentic ways to be visible and have influence
[51:03] Self promote to help others
[57:26] Two keys to thriving in the digital age


“We often get trapped into thinking that what we’re doing at work has its own set of tools and its own set of frameworks that we need to stick to. There is a lot more that we do in life that we can transfer into our work environment and vice versa.” – Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim

“Before a meeting, figure out what’s in it for the other person, get out of your head and get into theirs.” – Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim

“Always start with curiosity. And be genuinely curious and interested in the other person’s story without any gain.” – Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim

“Let go of comparative statements and get away from comparing yourself to anybody else in the room, you don’t need to be the same. What you bring is a diverse opinion.” – Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim

“When we choose to sit away from decision makers or in a corner of the room, you’re signaling to yourself and everybody else that you don’t deserve to be there and you don’t have an opinion.” – Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim

“You can’t communicate empathy while you’re doing all the talking. Empathy is about understanding the other person’s situation.” – Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim

“Summarizing another’s message using the same words that they’ve used is a great way of making sure that the other person feels listened to. And that’s the heart of empathy.” – Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim

About Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim:

Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim brings a new toolkit to leadership development that is backed by decades of integrated experience in the areas of business and psychology. As a former forensic psychologist with clinical research in the neuropsychology of criminal minds, she developed a deep interest in effective learning strategies for lasting success. Now, as an expert negotiator who studied at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, Dr. Solheim has combined her experience as an executive leader in international private companies and government ministries to present The Leadership PIN Code, the definitive guide for helping business leaders secure influence and impactful results.




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