There’s No Substitute For Hard Work With Goldman Sachs’ Gizelle George-Joseph

There’s No Substitute For Hard Work With Goldman Sachs’ Gizelle George-Joseph

Have you ever heard the saying, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”? It’s such a powerful statement in that it provides both candid advice and inspiration in one sentence. On the one hand, it reminds you to never underestimate hard work even if you’re super talented and on the other hand, that even with ordinary talent, you can achieve extraordinary results with focus and hard work. But the bottom line, there is no substitute for hard work.

In this episode, you’ll meet Gizelle George-Joseph, managing director and global chief operating officer of the Global Investment Research Division at Goldman Sachs, who attributes her successes and achievements to living by this mantra.


[02:25] Gizelle’s journey
[06:01] Gizelle’s daily success habits
[08:53] Overcoming setbacks
[12:45] Building lasting work relationships
[14:59] Gaining access to influential leaders
[16:48] Overcoming limiting beliefs
[18:46] Raising your hand for new opportunities
[23:15] Seeking out feedback
[26:58] Balancing professional and personal priorities
[29:50] How to continue to accelerate your success


“What are the skills that you need to raise your game on a day to day, week to week basis. Get all of those into your toolbox because that’s what ultimately moves your career.” – Gizelle George-Joseph

“It is important to have a good network of people around you, who can support you, because in moments when you feel like your cup is empty, they will be there to lean on.” – Gizelle George-Joseph

“Always be prepared to talk about the things that you are working on and how it is moving the organization forward.” – Gizelle George-Joseph

“Surround yourself with people who are going to tell you the truth about your weaknesses and strengths. And not tell you what to do, but instead feed into your decision making process.” – Gizelle George-Joseph

“You can’t be every woman every day.” – Gizelle George-Joseph

“The only way to continue to be relevant is to be constantly changing and evolving and not going back to the comfort zone.” – Gizelle George-Joseph

About Gizelle George-Joseph:

Gizelle is global chief operating officer of the Global Investment Research (GIR) Division. In this role, she works closely with divisional leadership on the management of GIR, as well as the development and execution of key strategic initiatives. Prior to assuming her current role, Gizelle was chief administrative officer for Global Macro Research and GIR infrastructure. Previously, she was the global talent advisor for the Human Capital Management (HCM) Division. Earlier in her career, Gizelle led Learning and Engagement for GIR and was a talent advisor on the GIR HCM team. She joined Goldman Sachs on the Americas Equity Research Management team in 2005 and was named managing director in 2017.

Gizelle is a founder of the Salisbury Development Organization, a nonprofit focused on hurricane relief and economic development efforts on the island of Dominica. She also serves on the Human Resources and Talent Committee for the DreamYard Project.

Gizelle earned a BS in Business Management from South Carolina State University and an MS in Clinical Psychology from Georgia Southern University.


LinkedIn: gizelle-george-joseph-9a127319

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