Monica Marquez, CIO, Co-Founder

SpecialityFounder & Chief Inclusion Officer. Corporate Leader. Equity & Diversity Expert.

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Monica Marquez is a consciousness creator on a mission to champion equity for all in life, work and community. Throughout her career, Monica has pioneered industry-leading programs to help the disadvantaged gain breakthrough access to opportunities. She has led diversity and inclusion initiatives at some of the world’s best companies such as Google, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and Ernst & Young. 

As a young Latina growing up in a small West Texas town, Monica was the first in her family to go to graduate school and achieve significant professional success. Her experiences taught her that drive and determination alone are not enough – access to opportunities is essential for success. She became a relentless advocate for equity and is committed to rewriting the narrative for marginalized communities.

Monica is a thought leader and expert on diversity and its impact on innovation. She has developed game-changing programs to open doors for women and minorities. She helped women re-enter the workforce by pioneering the Goldman Sachs New Directions® and the Returnship® programs, setting an inspiring example across industries. 

Monica champions inclusive leadership, equitable corporate cultures, and more parity in the workplace. She has served in a variety of non-profits and currently serves on the Hispanic Scholarship Fund Advisory Board and the Corporate Advisory Board for the Texas Tech Career Services Center.

Monica graduated with a M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs. As a former radio show host, Monica knows how to connect with people across all walks of life. She is an accomplished singer who can fill the void with melody. And as an aerial acrobat, she is determined to always find a way.

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