Oonagh Duncan

SpecialityAward-winning Fitness Expert. Bestselling Author. TEDTalk Speaker.

Facebook : @FFGcanfitpro

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/oonaghduncan

Website : https://www.fitfeelsgood.com

Oonagh Duncan is a multi-award-winning fitness expert and the bestselling author of Healthy As F*ck.

Oonagh specializes in helping women get lean, strong, and healthy through a habits-based approach. Her unique formula has resulted in international media attention, speaking engagements on stages in front of thousands, and, most importantly, five-star reviews from people all over the world who have changed their lives through her programs.

Oonagh is the founder of the Feel Good Movement, which recognizes that fitness is not about a number on the scale but about feeling good. Oonagh believes that if you want to reach your highest potential and generally kick ass at life, it starts with feeling good right now.

To feel good, Oonagh likes green smoothies and guilty pleasure ’90s hip-hop dance parties with her family in the kitchen.

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