Advancing women in leadership with cohort-based executive coaching and high performance training designed for the digital age.



Beyond Barriers® High Performance Accelerator is for early to mid-career women who want to develop the skillset, mindset and toolset to be future-ready leaders. This program addresses the unique challenges faced by women and provides training and cohort-based coaching to remove roadblocks and accelerate success.



Beyond Barriers® High Performance Executive Coach certification is for experienced professionals who want to grow their impact and influence. This program is ideal for corporate executives who want to leverage a high performance acceleration system to unlock the potential in others and elevate their own leadership profiles.


Digital Age Skills

Ability to navigate through disruptive change with clarity, confidence, agility, adaptability, resilience, and emotional intelligence.

Diagnostic Assessment

Science-backed evaluation with 25 essential elements that pinpoints roadblocks and identifies strengths as a future-ready leader.

Curriculum Design

Cutting-edge training content designed for women, mapped to diagnostic assessment, and delivered on-demand in micro-learning format.

Coaching Framework

Step-by-step journey of transformation with a consistent training method led by an expert coach for guidance and accountability.

Community Engagement

Cohort-based approach encourages social learning, retention and connection as participants level up together.

Benchmark Reporting

Progress and in-depth reporting for individuals, groups, managers and organizations benchmarked against global data.



Designed for women professionals who want to keep leveling up. Access to expert coaching, cutting-edge training and a powerful relationship network. Stay ahead in a rapidly changing environment as an agile and future-ready leader.


“This program has transformed my view of what I want and need in my career. This is a game changer if you want to achieve your goals and become the best version of yourself.” - Narubi


“I gained self-confidence and learned how to refocus my mindset. This is hands down a program that can help you create a personal & career plan, and ensure you follow through. It's a game-changer.” - Maggie

“The Beyond Barriers program will transform the way you see yourself. You will become aware of all the skills, competencies and abilities that you already have and the ones you need to improve to get ahead. You will also be part of a community that is constantly growing, learning and taking action to succeed.” - Lourdes

“This program helped me to reinstall clarity, courage, conviction, commitment and community. If you are looking to transform, you have to know your strengths in these 5 key areas. I am so much more confident and aware of my value and worth!” - Jenean


“The Beyond Barriers program was life-changing. It helped me identify my limiting beliefs, understand the power of identity, and the value of community. It's definitely changed how I think about myself”. - Bella


“Beyond Barriers has given me so much knowledge that I couldn't have discovered on my own. I didn't know what was really holding me back. Now that I can identify my roadblocks, I can actually do something about them.” - Jessica


“The techniques and exercises take you on a path to self-discovery. It gave me the empowerment and insights that I was looking for. It helped build my confidence and gain clarity on my path to success.” - Shilpa


“I loved everything about the Beyond Barriers program. I can't begin to describe how much this program has motivated me to keep pushing through my barriers everyday and never forget my why!” - Mariah


“I will definitely recommend Beyond Barriers to all of my friends. I've gained so much knowledge and confidence in such a short amount of time. This program was totally worth it!” - Sierra


“Today I woke up with a different attitude. I have the confidence and conviction to succeed.Thank you for this breakthrough! Your program is priceless. My new mantra is, 'Thank Goodness It's Monday!'” - Anny


“What I've learned through Beyond Barriers so far has been vital. I learned that I can get past my limiting beliefs and shift from feeling overwhelmed and stuck to feeling more in control and able to take action.” - Miranda


“Before this program, I was letting challenges paralyze me to not take action. Today, I feel transformed. I have released limiting beliefs I've held onto my entire life. This program helps you take your power back and focus it to create the world you want.” - Dominique