Episode 43: Habits & Hacks: How to Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs

Habits & Hacks: How to Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs

Have you ever really wanted to do something but feel like you’re too old, or too young or not good enough to do it?

Self-limiting beliefs crush our motivation, and hold us back from achieving the level of success we deserve.

In this episode, learn how to get rid of that annoying little voice that limits you and your success and how to overcome your self-limiting beliefs, once and for all.


[01:16] Belief systems
[03:56] Confirmation bias
[06:15] Common limiting beliefs for women
[12:22] Strategies for hacking self-limiting beliefs
[17:36] Homework for the week


“When you have self limiting beliefs, you tend to look for evidence that supports those negative beliefs.”– Nikki Barua

“Condition your mind to focus on positive evidence about an empowering belief.” – Nikki Barua

“You are never starting over 100 %. You are taking experierence, perspective and skills from the past with you to the next phase of your journey.” – Nikki Barua

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About Monica Marquez:

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