Episode 65: Habits & Hacks: Why ERG Communities Matter

Habits & Hacks: Why ERG Communities Matter

People are feeling overwhelmed with work and family responsibilities, while facing health risks and economic uncertainty.

As our world goes through transformative change, organizations are faced with new challenges in creating safe spaces for connection.

Employee Resource Groups play a vital role in fostering a sense of belonging, and building an inclusive and innovative culture.

In this episode, we’ll discuss why ERG communities matter when you’re faced with challenges and how you can get the support you need.


[01:58] ERGs – what are they and why they exist
[04:18] The impact of ERGs on your career
[07:39] Getting the support you need
[09:41] What if your company doesn’t have an ERG
[12:19] What you can be doing to support others
[14:05] The role of an ERG leader
[15:56] How to align ERGs to business vision
[18:26] Recommendations for new ERG leaders


“ERG leaders have the ability to create safe spaces for their communities and help them thrive.” – Monica Marquez

“By raising your hand to advance the impact of ERG’s, you will demonstrate your leadership and be the light that can guide other people.” – Nikki Barua

“As a new ERG leader, you need to listen, learn and find out what your community needs, what support do they need to bring their whole selves to work everyday.” – Monica Marquez

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