Habits & Hacks 5 Essential Elements To Gain Clarity

Habits & Hacks: 5 Essential Elements To Gain Clarity with Nikki Barua & Monica Marquez

On the go? Listen using your favorite Podcast App: https://linktr.ee/beyondbarriers What does it mean to have clarity? Clarity is discovering your purpose and finding your path. Clarity is the key to success and a source of courage and confidence.


00:30 – Understanding what drives clarity
01:35 – I have clarity on what I’m passionate about and enjoy doing
06:10 – I have clarity on my unique skills, strengths, and competencies
10:10 – I have clarity on which of those competencies are highly valued in the market
14:45 – I have clarity on what I want to be known for in the world
16:30 – I have clarity on how to accelerate what I want to be known for


Simply working hard is no longer enough to advance your career. You must keep learning new skills and adapt to a rapidly changing business landscape.

If you are an ambitious woman who wants to dominate your career, then the Beyond Barriers Habits & Hacks show is for you. From inspiring stories to cutting-edge strategies, you’ll learn how to develop the skillset, mindset and toolset to accelerate your success.

Gain clarity, develop unstoppable confidence, anticipate and get ahead of change, master cutting-edge success strategies, and build a powerful professional network. Learn how to stand up and stand out in the workplace.

This show is co-hosted by Nikki Barua – Digital Innovator, Serial Entrepreneur, Author & Speaker. And Monica Marquez – ex-Googler, Diversity Expert and Senior Corporate Leader. As thought leaders in innovation and inclusion, we bring unique insights on career success and what it takes to turn your barriers into breakthroughs.

In each episode, we interview C-level executives, industry influencers, and business leaders from top corporations. Listen to our guests share their perspectives on opportunities and challenges in the age of artificial intelligence, autonomy and authenticity.

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