Advancing women in leadership.


Imagine a world where women’s voices and perspectives matter in defining products, services and policies; a world where women are no longer hoping for equal pay, career opportunities or simply a seat at the right table.

Our mission is to accelerate women in leadership. Beyond Barriers is a digital platform for leadership coaching, personal transformation and community engagement. We are democratizing access to resources and relationships to help organizations develop future-ready leaders.

Together, we can make the world more
inclusive and innovative.


Inclusive Culture Training

In Demand DEI Workshops

How to attract diverse talent

Position employer brand; leverage innovative sourcing strategies (eg: returnship and flagship events); address unconscious bias in recruiting

How to create community & belonging

Best practices for establishing safe spaces and ERG communities; engagement model for senior leaders and allies; governance models for developing ERGs into BRGs

How to remove barriers to career advancement

Identify and address systemic bias in performance and promotions, deploy strategies and tools to navigate barriers in corporate culture, and develop strategic sponsorships

Inclusive Culture Training

Create Influential Leaders

Master coaching techniques 

Boost high performance and develop next generation of leaders with framework-based coaching techniques and diagnostic tools

Grow leadership impact and influence 

Inspire others as a role model and influential leader by leveraging cutting-edge digital strategies to elevate your voice and visibility

Join a powerful community 

Unlock the power of relationships and level up with an exclusive peer community of leaders and change agents

Earn coaching certification credentials 

Grow your impact and unlock potential as a Beyond Barriers® coach

Inclusive Culture Training

Develop Future-Ready Female Leaders

Ignite intrinsic motivation

Step-by-step journey of transformation in a peer advisory cohort led by an expert coach to become a future-ready female leader

Boost high performance

Strategies and techniques to navigate through disruptive change with clarity, confidence, agility, adaptability, resilience, and emotional intelligence

Fuel team success & retention 

Cohort-based social learning and reflective experiential learning fosters deeper connection and lasting transformation

Success Stories


Beyond Barriers is co-founded by Nikki Barua - Digital Innovator, Serial Entrepreneur, Author & Speaker and Monica Marquez - ex-Googler, Equity & Inclusion Expert and seasoned Corporate Executive. As thought leaders in innovation and inclusion, we bring unique insights on success in the digital age and what it takes to stand up and stand out as future-ready leaders.




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